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Resart 2020 - MeOut

The Covid19 has also quarantined the startup world. But most entrepreneurs see that there has never been such a need for new ideas, solutions, and support for their implementation and international diffusion. 

Restart2020.org’s recently launched an international event, that can address these shortcomings. The MeOut team has also joined in for the good cause.

We know that several initiatives have been launched to solve the current situation. Self-organizing online events and idea competitions have brought excellent results so far, enriching the innovation ecosystem with many new ideas. Several startups have joined these events in recent months, increasing the reputation of Hungarian creativity.

Good ideas and startups alone are rarely viable. More and more people are looking for solutions to put the real change agents in the market whether through corporate collaboration, community, or investor support.

The organizers of the Restart2020.org felt that it was worth a shot to kick-off an international event starting from Budapest. The online startup idea and project competition launched in July attempts to mitigate the effects of COVID19.

“The pandemic has shown worldwide that there are many problems to be solved in our environment. In addition to environmental awareness, there is a need to renew many industries. The quarantine period has reinforced the need for people to help their community, so we too feel that the innovation ecosystem now needs to come together even more. ” – said founder Tamás Péter Turcsán.

Although the theme of the competition is not tied, the changing health, education, work, environmental awareness, energy, food and agriculture, banking, smart cities, robotics, and community services all present exciting challenges.

RESTART2020.org is a global online event that connects ideas and innovators around the world, looking for solutions to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic and crisis. The event is open and transparent to everyone who presents ideas or projects. The goal of the organizers is to further inspire the early-stage projects, connect the soon to be founders with those who are looking for solutions to the situation. 

Entry is open until mid-August, with the online final ceremony taking place on the 29th of August.

Supporters of the idea competition include several well-known international organizations such as Terracycle, founded by Tom Szaky, but there is also a strong collaboration on the domestic side. In addition to Pál Kovács, the Secretary of State responsible for maintaining the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the representatives of NKFIH and HiVentures also took part in the jury. 

From the startup community, mentors from Hello Tomorrow, the Asian Startup Awards, Intellitex, and Connect East Incubator will also help make the event a reality. Tokeportal.hu supports the event with community funding for the special prize.

RESTART2020.org not only gathers the ideas but it also effectively supports the implementation of them with the help of mentors. The stakes in the competition are not small either, as investors supporting the event offer the best an opportunity to get an investment of 50.000-1.500.000 $. 

In addition to the winners selected by the professional jury, a special prize will also be awarded to the best in the healthcare/food and agriculture/banking / smart cities categories.

The competition is organized with the help of a brand new digital engagement platform made for startups: Pozi.io

The participants can not only validate their ideas but also build a team, get mentors, and even investors to support their cause.

 For more information please visit:



Contact: restart2020@pozi.io


EuroAsian Startup Awards - MeOut

We, as Team MeOut are good friends with Vusal Karimli SUP.VC, we were working together on the 1st season of EuroAsian Startup Awards. It was out question that we should continue accelerating the region together in 2020, as well. We managed to catch Vusal to have quick Q&A.

Could you please introduce yourself? What are you doing at Sup VC?

My name is Vusal Karimli and I am a managing director at SUP VC. I am managing the team that undertakes all the daily activities happening at SUP VC.

Where is your passion for the startup ecosystem coming from?

My passion for startups is probably coming from my internal desire to build something new and cool. I was always interested in building cool stuff. 

How do you see the startup ecosystem in the region and Azerbaijan?

The startup ecosystem in the region is developing year by year. Each year the quality of startups in Azerbaijan is getting better and better.

What are the trends that you see now on the market?

Artificial intelligence is gaining some traction in the market. We’re hoping to see more use of emerging technologies in the newly established startups. 

Why do think it is worth investing in startups in the region?

The region is untapped in terms of startup investment. The talent is in place and some newly established startups are gaining international recognition by attending various startup accelerators throughout the world.

What would you say to startups, why should the nominate to EASA this years?

EASA is a great platform for startups to gain some international recognition and build a regional network. Startups with global ambitions should take the opportunity and benefit from what EASA has to offer.
Marina Marinkevich - Interview - EuroAsian Startup Awards

We had an amazing discussion with Marina Marinkevich, Marina Marinkevich – exclusive country partner EuroAsian Startup Awards, partner Unicorn Cup (Startup Network), Major Key CEO. Her thoughts are real inspiration.

Tell us about you! How did you get involved in the startup ecosystem of the region?

Well, it was quite a story. I think I always had this innovative spirit and ‘a step ahead’ approach in my professional activity. Three years ago I joined one very perspective Biothech startup MultiplexDX as a team member, responsible for marketing.
The project kept developing getting more and more funding, awards, and recognition. That’s how I eventually appeared at CESAwards to get ‘Best Social Impact of the Year’ on behalf of MultiplexDX team. I was probably the only Ukrainian there, very curious to ask the organizers why. And so I came to know that a whole new region of EuroAsian Startup Awards was going to be launched in 2019 and I was trusted by Attila Sandor to be an exclusive Country Partner and to bring the Awards to the region. One year after I also joined the team of Startup Network and became even more integrated into the startup ecosystem.

What keeps you busy currently? 

I think being multitasking is quite a trait of my character. So, I’m always busy with a couple of projects simultaneously like EuroAsian Startup Awards, Startup Network competitions, developing my marketing services company and Music label.

I think I enjoy all the projects and can’t choose only one. I can’t be involved in something which I don’t like or don’t find interesting. Particularly for Startup Network, I’m organizing pitch competitions worldwide but more focused on Europe. 

What do you think is the most significant economic power of the region?

I think human resources are our biggest pride and potential. Ukraine is ranked #4 in IT services worldwide and keeps enhancing the positions. 

Why do you think ecosystem players should nominate to the EuroAsian Startup Awards?

It’s a really nice chance to be highlighted, recognized, and noticeable by international ecosystem stakeholders and investors. 

What do you think about this year novums: the entire awards moved online; MeOut introduced “The Digital Transformers” and “The Master of Artifical Intelligence” prizes?

I think it was the right response to the current situation. And a nice example of how to progress and develop under any circumstances.

Who will you nominate this year? 🙂

It’s still in process but obviously we expect some amazing promising startups to come 🙂

It’s been a week since the MeOut team’s launched the 2. season of the EuroAsian Startup Awards. We thought that is high time for our Founder, Attila Sándor, also the Main Master Mind behind our educational and innovational projects, to answer some questions about the initiative.


How did you decide to start on with EuroAsian Startup Awards?

All started with a vision I had 2,5 years ago, I knew the Global Startup Awards work and I thought “why not create one which connects Europe to Asia?”. We had all we needed: a great team, very good partners… then I decided to start this adventure! This region is very fragmented and varied but it has all the cards to start playing the game. As “an idea man” I believe that step by step we will make a change and contribute to the improvement of the EuroAsian region’s economies. I believe that innovation plays a crucial role in this and with innovative ideas and great people we can do amazing things. 


Why this region?

I wanted to connect the European startup environment to the Eurasian countries by this adventure. I wanted to build strong bridges between the two regions and create a wider ecosystem which is well connected and able to grow into a strong player on the global market. 

Also, I am happy to put Hungary in the position of mediating between the regions. Our country plays an important role in geographically speaking since is one of the countries connecting the two regions, we have to take all the best of this advantage and use it to boost innovation and economies. 

Attila Sandor_Founder of MeOutGroup_EASA

Attila Sandor – the Founder of MeOut Group, EASA

What are the reactions in the region?

The reaction from the ecosystem was unexpectedly welcoming. From the very first moment, we received support from our superb country partners, brand ambassadors and friends from east to west.
I believe the region is hungry for initiatives, young innovators are standing at the start waiting for the right moment to get into the game. We can give them the possibilities to begin with their games. They know that and they do everything to participate.


What can you tell about last year?

The last edition was a great success: nearly 3000 startups and other ecosystem players of the 8 countries were called to take part in the region’s largest startup competition.
It was a great challenge for us but we made it and this year we will make it even greater! It has been a long ride until now and I know that a much longer and more successful is ahead.


And what is new this year?
This year we will have fewer categories, last year we had 20 and this year we will have only 10. In this way, we focus more on certain aspects and give more relevance to those who deserve it. 2 categories, “The Master of AI” and “The Digital Transformers were created by MeOut Group with the aim of shedding more light on the game-changers who leverage the new technologies and creating disrupting innovative solutions.


Why do you think it’s worth being part of EASA?

EASA is an amazing initiative to connect like-minded individuals to create a community and this community with the global ecosystem. These people with the same beliefs are the engine of the ecosystem, full of bravery, talent and energy. Together with them, we can restart the ecosystem. So, if anybody joins in, can expect a hard-working community that sticks together.
For those who want to partner up, we offer business insights of a 350 Million Region, access to an innovative community and exposure.