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HackMeOut Tbilisi



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HackMeOut Tbilisi

The world is full of answers and solutions…

HackMeOut for you!

The world is full of answers and solutions, we just have to find them.
HackMeOut is a 24+24 hours hackathon for real changemakers coming from natural and human fields. The program is specially designed to target local and regional challenges and by this, we aim to find real solutions for existing problems and catalyze the innovative / entrepreneurial spirit. 

 In Tbilisi we organize the biggest hackathon in the Caucasus from 2021 onwards working mainly with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. 
 In Kiev, we organize one of the biggest hackathons by working mainly with Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. We’re opening to Kazakhstan and by this to Central-Asia involving Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

We contribute to the development of the local economy, by finding real solutions, boosting the entrepreneurial spirit, finding talents and connecting them to local stakeholders. 

We're here!

From the European Union, from Budapest, we work with the Eastern Partnership and Central-Asian countries and continuously develop our services to make HackMeOut and ChallengeMeOut worldwide tools for those who aim to develop. 

With the community for the community!

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