Welcome to the MeOut Group.

MeOut Group is a leading organization that focuses on innovation and education headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

MeOut Innovation

At MeOut we believe entrepreneurship and talent. We do think that those with talent and drive to go beyond the unknown are the reckless engine of innovation. However, most of the times, they need support to be globally connected. That is why we organize together with our awesome partners the EASA, Cyber Challenge, HackMeOut, Idea Challenge and Shepherds breakfast. With these actions, we can connect the inventive minds locally and globally.

MeOut Education

We are sure that the talent is there in every young individual. However, we need to nurture this talent, we need to make sure that the young generation sees the world, gets the proper training and their digital literacy is well-curated. With our exceptional youth exchange program (Erasmus+, Vocational Education Programs) and global training programs with an excellent knowledge base and mentor pool, we aim to support the youth to dream big and build their worldwide network before they enter the labour market.

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