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About the EuroAsian Startup Awards.

EuroAsian Startup Awards (founded and managed by MeOut) covers a market of 350 million people. We’re  the largest – territory wise –  regional startup competition on earth and covering Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

The competition is a proud member of the Global Startup Awards family. 

Yearly we reach a minimum of 3000 nominations

  for 12 categories which are covering areas such as: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Founder of the Year, Startup of the Year, EduTech and so on.

We’re working and give recognition to bright individuals as well like: Founder of the year, Ecosystem Hero of the year and Investor of the year. 

More to this, when there is a demand – by the ecosystem or our partners –  we add a new category. This creates a relatively flexible and adjustable system which is able to recognise the top companies or individuals. 

We at MeOut see trends that no one sees and have a unique access into the 10 startup ecosystems.

  Being the founder and manager of the region we open one door which gives access to 10 different startup ecosystems and ecosystem players – to the bright innovative entrepreneurial minds. 

More to that our initiative inspires individuals who become entrepreneurs or feel encouraged to take the next step in their lives.


On this amazing journey we’re always open for new partnerships and mutually beneficial cooperation. If you have an idea or just curious about the possibilities, get in touch with us!

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