Innovate MeOut Hungary
Zala 2030​
17th November 2021
Why should you come if you are a young university student or just a simple wannabe entrepreneur?

Do you know the term startup?
Do you know what kind of subsidies you can get, you can win?

If you’re open to the business world and have repeatedly thought about even starting your own, now’s your time!
Meet local actors who can help you develop and launch your idea.

Come to our meetup and get acquainted with the startup world and its possibilities!

Maybe you're already doing business?

Are you already a successful business leader?

Want to know what application and tender opportunities can help you jump to the next level?

In our presentation you can get acquainted with various tender sources and opportunities, all for free and free of charge while having a coffee.

And if you’re wondering how a young person and an organization that has been on the market for years can work together (not talking about an internship program), don’t miss the event by any means!


We bring you the concept of the idea competition, within the framework of which companies work with young people to solve a specific problem or challenge of their own. And the results speak for themselves.


The event is free to attend but registration is required. Please register by 14 November 2021 at the link below:

Time 17th November 2021, Wednesday Speakers
Welcome meeting
Signature of the cooperation agreement
Smart city - Zalaegerszeg
Bali Zoltán vice-mayor, ZMJVŐ
Artificial intelligence - is it present or future?
Fülöp Géza - Qamcom Reseach and Technology Central Europe Kft.
Coffee break
The opportunities of robotics
Tanos Áron Netlife Robotics
Panel discussion