Innovate MeOut Hungary
Tech in the City Meetup Pécs - Powered by Startup Grind Budapest
25th November 2021
Let's discover and make innovation, digitalisation and start-ups, new and bold ideas accessible to all.

On 25 November, the Startup Grind team will visit Pécs to gain insights into the local innovation, entrepreneurial and startup culture and to engage with the city’s tech community to learn about local specificities. We welcome all innovators, startup hustlers, brainstormers, hackers and tech mavens.

The Municipality of the City of Pécs

The City of Pécs is committed to developing the economy of the city and the region. To this end, the attraction and support of knowledge-based, research and development businesses based on the strengths of the University of Pécs and the support of start-up businesses in Pécs are of particular importance. The Economic Development Department, established in November 2019 to implement city marketing, investment promotion and tourism development, carries out strategic, planning and operational work in the Mayor’s Office.

The aim

Increasing efficiency, centralised control of revenue and expenditure, and promoting economic development. The Department will implement a one-stop-shop system, which will provide a professional one-stop-shop for local businesses and investors, relieving businesses from the burden of dealing with bureaux and authorities. In addition to providing effective support to investors, its main tasks include the realisation of large-scale investments and events of international importance in Pécs, the coordination of county and city marketing activities, the whole process of planning and implementation, and the same in the field of tourism development.