Innovate MeOut Hungary
UX/UI Meetup​
23th November 2021​
Are you interested in the world of UX / UI?

Maybe you haven’t even heard about these terms?

Then come to our UX/UI meetup on November 23, and get to know it better!

What is UX/UI?

UX refers to “user experience” expression, while UI refers to “user interface”.

Although the UI is also part of the UX, the two are usually listed separately, because of the different skill set needed.

In practice, UX means the customer experience of a product. This is a very broad concept, from product design to web design involving psychology and human behaviour.

What is most important to a UX professional is that the product you are designing should provide the best possible experience for the target user during use.


In contrast, the UI focuses more on details, colors, fonts, much more on “looks”.

Perhaps a good example is that while a UX professional will tell you – based on research and tests -, where a particular button should be, a UI specialist will tell you what color and shape it should be in order to achieve even more clicks.