Marina Marinkevich - Interview - EuroAsian Startup Awards

We had an amazing discussion with Marina Marinkevich, Marina Marinkevich – exclusive country partner EuroAsian Startup Awards, partner Unicorn Cup (Startup Network), Major Key CEO. Her thoughts are real inspiration.

Tell us about you! How did you get involved in the startup ecosystem of the region?

Well, it was quite a story. I think I always had this innovative spirit and ‘a step ahead’ approach in my professional activity. Three years ago I joined one very perspective Biothech startup MultiplexDX as a team member, responsible for marketing.
The project kept developing getting more and more funding, awards, and recognition. That’s how I eventually appeared at CESAwards to get ‘Best Social Impact of the Year’ on behalf of MultiplexDX team. I was probably the only Ukrainian there, very curious to ask the organizers why. And so I came to know that a whole new region of EuroAsian Startup Awards was going to be launched in 2019 and I was trusted by Attila Sandor to be an exclusive Country Partner and to bring the Awards to the region. One year after I also joined the team of Startup Network and became even more integrated into the startup ecosystem.

What keeps you busy currently? 

I think being multitasking is quite a trait of my character. So, I’m always busy with a couple of projects simultaneously like EuroAsian Startup Awards, Startup Network competitions, developing my marketing services company and Music label.

I think I enjoy all the projects and can’t choose only one. I can’t be involved in something which I don’t like or don’t find interesting. Particularly for Startup Network, I’m organizing pitch competitions worldwide but more focused on Europe. 

What do you think is the most significant economic power of the region?

I think human resources are our biggest pride and potential. Ukraine is ranked #4 in IT services worldwide and keeps enhancing the positions. 

Why do you think ecosystem players should nominate to the EuroAsian Startup Awards?

It’s a really nice chance to be highlighted, recognized, and noticeable by international ecosystem stakeholders and investors. 

What do you think about this year novums: the entire awards moved online; MeOut introduced “The Digital Transformers” and “The Master of Artifical Intelligence” prizes?

I think it was the right response to the current situation. And a nice example of how to progress and develop under any circumstances.

Who will you nominate this year? 🙂

It’s still in process but obviously we expect some amazing promising startups to come 🙂

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