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The Covid19 has also quarantined the startup world. But most entrepreneurs see that there has never been such a need for new ideas, solutions, and support for their implementation and international diffusion.’s recently launched an international event, that can address these shortcomings. The MeOut team has also joined in for the good cause.

We know that several initiatives have been launched to solve the current situation. Self-organizing online events and idea competitions have brought excellent results so far, enriching the innovation ecosystem with many new ideas. Several startups have joined these events in recent months, increasing the reputation of Hungarian creativity.

Good ideas and startups alone are rarely viable. More and more people are looking for solutions to put the real change agents in the market whether through corporate collaboration, community, or investor support.

The organizers of the felt that it was worth a shot to kick-off an international event starting from Budapest. The online startup idea and project competition launched in July attempts to mitigate the effects of COVID19.

“The pandemic has shown worldwide that there are many problems to be solved in our environment. In addition to environmental awareness, there is a need to renew many industries. The quarantine period has reinforced the need for people to help their community, so we too feel that the innovation ecosystem now needs to come together even more. ” – said founder Tamás Péter Turcsán.

Although the theme of the competition is not tied, the changing health, education, work, environmental awareness, energy, food and agriculture, banking, smart cities, robotics, and community services all present exciting challenges. is a global online event that connects ideas and innovators around the world, looking for solutions to mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic and crisis. The event is open and transparent to everyone who presents ideas or projects. The goal of the organizers is to further inspire the early-stage projects, connect the soon to be founders with those who are looking for solutions to the situation. 

Entry is open until mid-August, with the online final ceremony taking place on the 29th of August.

Supporters of the idea competition include several well-known international organizations such as Terracycle, founded by Tom Szaky, but there is also a strong collaboration on the domestic side. In addition to Pál Kovács, the Secretary of State responsible for maintaining the capacity of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the representatives of NKFIH and HiVentures also took part in the jury. 

From the startup community, mentors from Hello Tomorrow, the Asian Startup Awards, Intellitex, and Connect East Incubator will also help make the event a reality. supports the event with community funding for the special prize. not only gathers the ideas but it also effectively supports the implementation of them with the help of mentors. The stakes in the competition are not small either, as investors supporting the event offer the best an opportunity to get an investment of 50.000-1.500.000 $. 

In addition to the winners selected by the professional jury, a special prize will also be awarded to the best in the healthcare/food and agriculture/banking / smart cities categories.

The competition is organized with the help of a brand new digital engagement platform made for startups:

The participants can not only validate their ideas but also build a team, get mentors, and even investors to support their cause.

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