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EuroAsian Startup Awards - MeOut

We, as Team MeOut are good friends with Vusal Karimli SUP.VC, we were working together on the 1st season of EuroAsian Startup Awards. It was out question that we should continue accelerating the region together in 2020, as well. We managed to catch Vusal to have quick Q&A.

Could you please introduce yourself? What are you doing at Sup VC?

My name is Vusal Karimli and I am a managing director at SUP VC. I am managing the team that undertakes all the daily activities happening at SUP VC.

Where is your passion for the startup ecosystem coming from?

My passion for startups is probably coming from my internal desire to build something new and cool. I was always interested in building cool stuff. 

How do you see the startup ecosystem in the region and Azerbaijan?

The startup ecosystem in the region is developing year by year. Each year the quality of startups in Azerbaijan is getting better and better.

What are the trends that you see now on the market?

Artificial intelligence is gaining some traction in the market. We’re hoping to see more use of emerging technologies in the newly established startups. 

Why do think it is worth investing in startups in the region?

The region is untapped in terms of startup investment. The talent is in place and some newly established startups are gaining international recognition by attending various startup accelerators throughout the world.

What would you say to startups, why should the nominate to EASA this years?

EASA is a great platform for startups to gain some international recognition and build a regional network. Startups with global ambitions should take the opportunity and benefit from what EASA has to offer.
MeOut helps - mask donation to support schools

Schools are facing an enormous challenge in the pandemic situation. More headmasters raised their voice because of the difficulty of guaranteeing the masks and proper protective set-up for teachers.

The health of our partners is primary for us. That’s why MeOut acted immediately, and as our limited budget allowed us, bought a few thousands of maks and distributed among the schools, partner institutions and educational professionals to ensure their safety.

MeOut helps - mask donation to support schools_2

MeOut helps – mask donation to support schools_2

“In the period right before graduation, I learned that for schools during the COVID-19 situation, guaranteeing the masks is a challenge. After quickly investigating our resources, there were no questions that we need to act.” – said Attila Sándor, the Founder of MeOut

MeOut helps - mask donation to support schools on the verge of graduation._3 MeOut helps – mask donation to support schools on the verge of graduation._3