Your partner in international and cross-continental projects, focusing on education, innovation and entrepreneurship.


MeOut has 15+ years in the educational field, focusing on trainings for youth, non-formal education and courses for teachers and educators.


We have a wide range of projects focusing on innovation such as AI, agricultural done projects and educational platforms offering online courses with gamified elements.


Some of our members are actually coming from startup scene, we are fully aware of the challenges and struggles. Our flagship projects regarding entrepreneurship are Central European Startup Awards and Euro Asian Startup Awards, both under the umbrella of Global Startup Awards.

Some of our projects

Our international projects cover a great geographical range from Europe, through the Caucasus to Asia, and now we arrived to Africa!

  • EU & Western-Balkan focusing on vocational education, innovation, entrepreneurship and capacity building.
  • Eastern Partnership & Caucasus supporting entrepreneurship.

Who are we looking for?

As we are entering Africa we would like to explore possible cooperation opportunities with local entities, organizations and companies.

We are looking for organizations who are ready to embark on a journey of international and cross-continent collaborations and project.

There are more and more opportunities coming to Africa in order to support innovation ,education and entrepreneurship. Africa in order to support innovation, education and entrepreneurship. We are ready to prepare projects, apply to them and realise them with partners from Africa, to help local communities.

First step is easy. Just drop us a message that you would be interested in cooperation and common projects, put a link about your organization and/or social media site and indicate what kind of projects (what fields) you would be interested in.