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  • YEES – Building local capacities for Youth Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills

    Connecting Central Europe with the Western Balkans


Youth unemployment is still one of Europe’s most important issues that requires innovative approaches such as competence development, strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation or accessibility of educational resources. Although several steps has been taken to integrate young people into the labour market by using various educational and informational support measures. These include the realization of Youth Exchanges, Volunteering Activities and Mobility of Youth Workers.


The overreaching goals are to empower youth by education to increase youth employability, building and strengthening young leaders and entrepreneurs, creating a favourable environment for personal development, and active and competent participation in social processes. Other purposes include promoting and advancing entrepreneurship and employability of youth in other countries by applying the principles of creativity, innovation and economics. Lots of focus is on fostering mobility and education among young people and adults, with special focus on the preparation of the beneficiaries for the challenges of the labour market. Important goals include promoting active citizenship and civil society, European integration, equality, volunteering and dissemination of core European values.
We are keen to find common values in our globalized world, and the development of
understanding/mutual understanding through trainings, exchanges, and conferences. In our first year we mostly concentrated on Erasmus+ projects on the field of youth, and our daily work were based on these occasions.

The following activities will be implemented.

The project consists of a range of activities that are organized in three activity clusters, with each cluster responding to one of the project objectives.

Competence Development

Seminar that provides competencies on educational and informational programmes for youth employability including on entrepreneurship education. A study visit that introduces practices on cross-sectoral cooperation for youth employability to municipal youth workers and representatives of local youth departments. There is the training of trainers (ToT) that provides educational competencies on how to plan, implement and evaluate educational and informational programmes for youth employability including on entrepreneurship education.

Strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation for youth employability

In 3 regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, in which youth employability programmes are organized, stakeholder meetings are conducted bringing together local youth departments, CSOs and representatives from the private sector. Two planning workshops (one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one in Montenegro) are conducted to provide time and space for the involved youth stakeholders to plan the local entrepreneurship education and youth employability programmes. The entrepreneurship education and youth employability programmes – during the planning workshops – are being realised at local level in the 6 municipalities in Bosnia and and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Accessibility of educational resources

Partners conduct a research on existing good practices for educational and informational programmes on entrepreneurship education and youth employability programmes. The project team together with two external experts develop a web-community for practitioners on youth employability. Partnership-Building Activity on youth employability and entrepreneurship education is conducted. Lessons Learnt Workshops in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro where the meetings serve to make the participants familiar with the approach and to encourage them to take up the approach in their own practises. The final big project event is the main dissemination event to share the project results with a wide range of local and international youth stakeholders (Municipal youth workers, CSO youth workers, youth, representatives of private sector).


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