Motto: Realize equality, diversity and inclusion while fostering innovation, prosperity and

MeOut Group Gender Equality Plan (2022-2027)

Adopted for the purposes of Horizon Europe

Adopted by the Board on 20 December 2021


The European Commission (EC) has stipulated that, starting in 2022, every organization must have a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in order to be eligible for Horizon Europe funding. Therequirement is part of the plans drawn up by the European Commission to actively promote gender equality (Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025; Gender Equality in the European Research Area).
Our approach, values and mission have already been in line with the objectives declared by the EU, but in this document we further emphasize all of this and we describe their key components in more detail.
Our culture is based on hard work, commitment and ownership. We have the mindset of finding solutions. The amazing part is that we’re more than just colleagues, we’re highly curious and creative individuals committed to build up new initiatives, which are beneficial for the communities and at the same time for personal development. MeOut Group is one multinational Team and a network of organizations! Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of societies by managing (full cycle) education and innovation projects.
In this regard, MeOut Group is committed to implementing the gender equality strategy of the European Union in its own institutional system. MeOut Group commits itself to funding the GEP’s actions fully until the end of Horizon Europe and to publish an annual progress report online to document the implementation of the GEP.
As a responsible organization MeOut Group is conscious of its responsibilities regarding equalities as a place of work and a place of cooperation, a place of mutual possibilities, simultaneously characterized by innovation, internationalization and progression. This GEP reaffirms MeOut Group’s commitment to equalities in general and to gender equality in particular.


On behalf of the Board and the team members of the MeOut Group
Attila Sándor, President
Budapest, 20 December 2021

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