Do you feel secure in a digitalized world? Is the actual framework sufficient to guarantee this security? Come to Szeged, share your point of view and get the chance to propose something new!



Take part in a debate with other young people and have your say in organizing an awareness campaign or a prototype of action policy!

Europeans went digital... in Szeged!

Second event of #EuropeansGoDigital: Design Your Future!

#66 participants, #13 European countries.

Main actors: young university students from all over Europe, excited to learn about #Cybersecurity and eager to help build a more secure digital Europe.

Goals: exchange ideas and find solutions for the challenges of the digital era!


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My experience was really good, the international exchange made me think about certain things in a new way, from a new perspective. I learned a lot about cybersecurity and was shocked about the risks that we are facing sometimes. Also, I am happy to have had this experience because now I know better how to be safe online.”
“From the time I arrived, I started learning, meeting new people and making memories. This is my first EU event and the experience is really European. When we started working together I got to see different perspectives on different things. I have a long way ahead. This event helped me to be more socially active, express myself and made me a team player.”
“Excellent organization, treatment and conduct of the event. Useful skills for critical issues of our times, and an opportunity for reflections and finding solutions with the help of young people from all over the world.

Oxford-Style Debate and Idea Challenge

Between 20 – 23 March the city of Szeged hosted Europeans Go Digital! to debate and work together to collect innovative ideas regarding cybersecurity in Europe.

An Oxford-style debate has been organized on the basis of two consecutive motions: “Are you willing to limit freedom of expression on the internet to tackle disinformation?” and “Is it feasible for consumers and businesses to be independent of big companies? Would you trade the efficiency of big e-commerce companies (Amazon, eBay, etc) for trading directly with small businesses?”. Participants were divided into debaters and audiences. The debaters split into four teams drafted a pro or con answer to one of the questions above. Meanwhile, the audience worked on interesting questions to ask and were in charge of the social media coverage.

The event was successful as all the teams composed by the students came up with very powerful arguments.

The second day was dedicated to another format: The Idea Challenge. During the event participants worked divided into 5 Action Teams and 2 Policy Teams.  Each Action Team designed 2 online awareness campaigns and their dissemination plans and the policy teams released 2 policy proposals and their post-event implementation.

Interesting ideas arose: a Digital ID, or a European Digital Identity Wallet, to guarantee security and trust in the use of personal data or an educational program to improve cybersecurity and digital education.

Over the next few weeks, students will be contacting the Members of the European Parliament in charge of the policies related to their proposals, to submit the proposals.

Participants learned that teamwork is essential to move forward and that everyone has something unique to offer: some provided #leadership, others technical #knowledge, others #originality, and #creativity… The most important lesson? to strengthen #European security, it is not enough for the Member States to work individually, but rather it is necessary to unite efforts and wills.


Art Hotel, Szeged

Next stop?

Thessaloniki, Greece

7-10 September, 2022